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Welcome to UniMaTec, the specialists for embossing machines and embossing rolls. You will certainly find the best solution for your requirements at our company. As the experts in engraving and embossing, we offer you a level of service that will meet all your expectations. From the first advice without obligation on embossing rolls and tools to your customized embossing equipment.

Whether packaging, paper, hygienic, aluminium or steel industry

Thanks to our expertise and our embossing technology you are always one step ahead. No wonder that an ever increasing number of companies relies on our knowledge to further simplify their production and make it even more efficient and accurate.

Take advantage of our know-how in:

  • Deep hardened matched steel embossing rolls, sets of pin-to-flat rolls, steel to paper embossing rolls or single rolls,
  • Paper, rubber and plastic coverings for counter-rolls,
  • Inline embossing systems for paper and foils, aluminium and steel sheets,
  • Complete embossing equipment
  • Special purpose machines.

Of course, this Internet site can only give you a first impression. So don't hesitate to call us for advice without obligation on + 49 2428 - 80119-0. Or contact us directly here and we'll call you back.